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Pale WhiteBGPale Ale

The one that started it all. We worked 2 years on this girl. She’s gone on to win Gold three times over. Earthy malt versus bright beautiful hops. It’s a highly drinkable concoction. Our founder’s favorite.

ABV – 6.2% IBU’s – 33

Southern Blonde

Our blonde is a crisp, golden lager with a little southern twang.  A hint of caramel and a restrained hop presence give this little lady a dry, crisp finish. This is our most versatile year round beer that’s as comfortable on the river as on the back 9.

ABV – 4.4% IBU’s – 22

PresIPA WhiteBGPresidential IPA

Rumor has it this beer is the favorite of a former U.S. President. An IPA with big hops bitterness bumping against three varieties of 2 row barley malt goodness. A fan favorite.

ABV – 6.2% IBU’s – 57

2Term WhiteBGTwo Term Imperial IPA

This was a limited run that quickly gathered a cult following of depraved devotees. So much so that we had to start making it all year long. Big flavor. Makes other beers taste like tap water. Beer Geek Note: We started using Warrior hops in this brew in place of Chinook.

 ABV – 9.9% IBU’s – 90

Porter WhiteBGParadise Porter

As a style porters aren’t the biggest name in beer (not really close though they should be) but this brew is a big contender among culinary journalists, reviewers, and beer geeks. It’s got a big dark bouquet of chocolate, coffee and caramel and has a smooth finish. A Powerhouse of a Porter.

ABV – 6.2% IBU’s – 38

Dogtown Brown New 6packDogtown

Dogtown Brown is a tribute to North Little Rock.  Embrace what others throw at you – it’ll make you stronger.  So it is with our Brown –  taking a style more common to ales, we created  a Brown but done with a lighter, lager yeast.  With notes of malty chocolate, our Brown is something sweet, something smooth and mighty drinkable.

ABV – 5.8% IBU’s – 25




Irish Red

This Irish style red ale is bold & smooth, brewed with blends of Caramel 80 and roasted malt to give it a rich finish. Generous amounts of Fuggles and Willamette hops brings out a wonderfully complex aroma.  A late winter/early spring brew.

ABV – 5.99% IBU’s – 31

Honey Weiss

A light bodied lager beer. It has a velvety smoothness coming from the red wheat and a slight sweetness from the Arkansas Honey.  This baby won Bronze medal.

ABV – 5.325% IBU’s – 21

StwBlonde WhiteBGStrawberry Blonde

A light colored, crisp German lager infused with real strawberries. The nose gives you a bouquet of strawberry aroma, yet the taste is very subtle and sweet.  Look for it mid-Summer.  A crowd-pleaser in the Arkansas heat!

ABV – 4.4% IBU’s 20

Rocktober WhiteBGRocktoberfest

This lager is brewed in the classic Marzen/Octoberfest style. Aged cold for superior flavor & smoothness. A pleasant malty sweetness & smooth finish make this a perfect companion for cool autumn evenings.  It’ll be available early to mid Fall.

 ABV – 6.1% IBU’s 32

Oatmeal WhiteBGOatmeal Stout

The latest addition to the Diamond Bear line up, our Oatmeal Stout pays tribute to cold nights and long winters.  We’ve brewed it up to be heady on the nose, rich oatmeal mids, and a chocolaty finish.  An early to mid winter release.

ABV – 5.8% IBU’s – 25

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