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Diamond Bear’s Rocktoberfest

Diamond Bear’s Rocktoberfest

Diamond Bear’s Rocktoberfest is a lager brewed in the classic Märzen/Oktoberfest style. Rocktoberfest is aged cold for superior flavor and smoothness and has a pleasant malty sweetness & smooth finish, making this a perfect companion for cool autumn evenings. Our Rocktoberfest Marzen Style Lager is available now through mid-Fall, while supplies last.

A Little History of Märzen/Oktoberfest

Märzen (i.e., “March”), the lager’s historical moniker, was brewed in the waning cool of spring, brewed to savor during the changing season. Before refrigeration, beer was often made only from autumn into spring, as summer conditions were a bit risky for fermentation. Beer made in March, the last practical month for brewing, was stored and consumed when mature in summer, fall and beyond.

Märzen and Oktoberfest have become interchangeable names for the reminiscent full-bodied, rich, toasty, typically dark copper, malty lagerbiers we have come to associate with the transition into crisp, autumn weather. Rooted in Germany, Austria, and even England, this stylistic shift coincided with the rise of brewing technology and regional style development during the mid-19th century. Today, North American interpretations don’t stray far from their Germanic roots, and are mostly seasonal brews as well.